What To Do As An Unknown Artist/Musician

I came across this great post via Hypebot via Nine Inch Nail’s site where Trent Reznor talks about how to get noticed if you’re a ‘lesser’ or unknown artist.  I’m sure there’s loads of them.

I forwarded it to Nathan, Louis, David, Eric and Brandon and got this great conversation starter back from Nathan…

“I totally agree. So while we all agree about giving music away, and once you’ve done that, then you have to ask, ok, how do I get more people to my tent. Actually even giving music away for free isn’t going to get more people to find out about you. Getting more people to find out about you means getting more people to hear about your name. How do you do that?

1. advertise in cool magazines?
2. pass out flyers (at shows with like musicians)?
3. Pay $700 one time for 10,000 fans on myspace like a friend of mine did (name withheld)?
4. Other pulicist/marketing outsourcing?
5. Post to blogs hyping/singing praises of your band?
6. Write reviews of your wares on amazon?

Any other ideas?”

Well?  What ideas do you have?  How DO you get the word out?  What platforms/distribution methods do you use?

I’d recommend checking out the original post to read the great feedback Reznor got from fans.

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