Video: Disrupter + Memeshift Live PA

This was a live set that I webcasted with my friend David (a.k.a. Disrupter). It was really spur of the moment and features David’s custom circuit-bent TR-707 and Korg Electribe ER-1. I was using Ableton Live 5.1 along with a Behringer BCD-3000.

Most all of it is live and improvised along with a few choice tracks I like from my collection.

Want more? Leave comment luv below:) Other downloads are here.

5 responses for Video: Disrupter + Memeshift Live PA

  1. yourdogspot says:

    Dig it! Save that track for New Years!
    I wish you guys had multiple outs or some autopanners (slow) set on some tracks to place stuff spatially.
    I super dig the junk/gear pile on the couch before you sat down.
    Says you guys are mad geniuses. 🙂

  2. Morgan Sully says:

    Thanks Nathan!

    Hadn't thought of panning, but that's a great suggestion to give us some
    spaciousness. Glad you like our gear pile:)

  3. Luigi Haimanielli says:


    What you are seeing here folks are two of the best kept and deeply, infared, underground secrets of San Diego's electronic music non-scene.

  4. Morgan Sully says:

    non-scene? Nonsense. we ARE the scene – just need to market ourselves
    better, hey? 'Future Sound of San Diego' weekly webcast?

    P.S. Mr. Haimanielli, we need you to register w/Disqus and add yr website
    to yr Disqus profile too. Derrick May would agree! Easily claim it here:… – that way
    all comments you make on this site here link back to fwdthough goodness –
    just sayin;)

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