Unusual Business – Decentralizing and Commoning Music

How openly might artists share ownership and control over their work with the public? Counting 41 original albums, 1 original stem album, dozen of merchandise items, and 159 participating musicians, Senyawa’s “Alkisah” release aims to explore new ways of sharing music, with a focus on the commons, decentralisation, and diversification among others.

The panelists, who have all been involved in the Alkisah project in different ways, will discuss the potentials and challenges of working with widely and openly-networked ideas, practices, regions, and communities.

With Ziad Nawfal (Ruptured, Beirut), Sandria Komalasari (Chaos Non Musica, Denpasar), Morgan Sully (L_KW/Soydivision, Berlin), FRKTL (artist, Riga/Cairo), and an introduction by Rully Shabara (Senyawa, Yogyakarta). Moderated by Nuraini Juliastuti (researcher and writer, Yogyakarta/Leiden)