Track: Chud

This was a track I made after seeing Plaid play in San Francisco a few years ago.  It’s an oldie, but I was inspired by Plaid’s technique of having really fast, rhythmic percussion in the cymbal/hi-hat frequency range with other rhythms in the lower percussive ranges (like kicks and even snares) slowly merging in to their mixes – this is typified in the ‘Spokes’ era shows.  ‘Chud’* is a little bit of this technique mixed with a dubby bassline and an underlying hip-hop beat.


*Oh yeah, and the title for the track – ‘Chud’ is just the first thing that came to mind because I (oddly?) had the movie poster of the movie with the same name in my head as I was thinking up a name (is there a better way to explain that grammatically?).

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