Thanks for listening Ed and Andy!


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‘ISAN’ is inspired by the artist of the same name and was recorded live in one take. The cuts and filters are all ‘hand done’ and cut between different tracks on a DJ mixer, hip-hop style. This particular mixer (a lovely Allen & Heath ZONE 3D) has sends (going to a delay) on it that I would ‘pop’ the tracks in to to get some of those dubby echoes.

New Rain

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‘New Rain’ was made with all hand-programmed drums and also recorded live in one take. Some mini-edits after, but also a lot of fun to play. Melodic and melancholic with shuffly percussion made shortly after a spring rain. It came at a hopeful time in my life.


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I had a dream once where I was having a NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind sequence in it with a child singing and as I slowly wokeup from the dream, I realized that the child singing was an actual child outside my window! I quickly hummed his haunting tune and when to my computer to record it as quickly as I good. This song is the result of it.

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