Smugglers, Sunrise on the Adriatic and My Inspiring Neighbor


Ok.  Late again and I’m sorry dear readers.  But I hope you will understand, I was busy working on some really wonderful projects.

Smugglers, My Dad and Our Publishing Company

Thorn Sully

My dad

Just this last week, I relaunched the publishing company I run with my father.  We’ve published a Pulitzer Prize winner as well as gotten one of our books (also nominated for a Pulitzer) as required reading at our local university.  I’m very proud of this and this is aside from being able to work with my dad, who I love deeply and is becoming internet famous for rescuing me from knife-wielding gang members and smugglers.

I got to design this logo with him and my sister for our new site:

A Word with You Press Logo

The logo I designed with my father and sister.

Creative Work in Europe

Sunrise on the Adriatic

Sunrise on the Adriatic

My work in Italy has also been going well and most recently, we got to work with incredible sound artist Alessio Ballerini (again) and photographer Wilson Santinelli for a dawn sea voyage on the Adriatic Sea.  I’m getting commissioned to compose music for a video piece I’m developing with them too which is exciting and I’ll write more about soon.

I also finished composing a new track (Dream Jungle), which is now getting mastered by my friend in Berlin at the studio he’s renting to Soundcloud.  Also working on some new electronic music with my friend Louis Haiman over at Stasis Recordings.  More news soon.


Patterns and My Inspiring Neighbor, Linda Pall

William Morris - The Strawberry Thief

William Morris – The Strawberry Thief

In other news, I’ve become OBSESSED WITH PATTERNS.  I. Cannot. Stop.  And created a Pinterest board just to collect them.  I’ve also been hanging out a lot with my 70 year old neighbor, Linda Pall who inspires me in so many ways.  She turned me on to the exquisite classical playing of her friend Isaac Pastor-Chermak as well as the incredible graphic, architectural and philosophical work of William Morris (1834-1986), who I am finding inspiration from in my own curious explorations.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, please enjoy this exquisite playing from Isaac:

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