Within Soydivision – this time with me, Ninna and Oki – we spent two weeks in Milan facilitating a public ‘sound walk’ on invitation from STANDARDS Studio and working with the public as part of the Il Pianeta Festival.  Here’s the text directly from STANDARDS’ site:

Soydivision will facilitate participants through a gentle interrogation of their lived environment – ‘con-versing the city’.

Embarking from the idea of body as recorder/archive, Soydivision will be facilitating an itinerary of conversations between two days to develop a collective work by and with the public.

Participants can expect a moving group of conversations through different spaces in the city, navigating a path from Sarpi to Bovisa and Dergano. It’s actually the conversations – based on building intimacy, empathy and social cohesion – which are the ‘the work’ – than having time to process/reflect these and share at ‘pause locations’.
The spaces along the itinerary are spaces to hold/document/accentuate these conversations as we move together, ramé-ramé, ‘being in space together’ at the various locations is ‘the work’.
Empathy not just as an end point, but as a ‘practice-action’ is our intention. A two days itinerary will pass through Giardino Comunitario Lea Garofalo, Lancetti train station, Standards and Spazio META, then having conclusion for communal eating together, ramé-ramé, at the ‘care space’ of Rob de Matt, crucial during in the last months of lockdown together with the voluntary ‘brigate’ in the distribution of food, in sharing of reciprocal help and fragilities.

“ramé-ramé” is part of Il Pianeta come Festival. It’s a project woven together with Standards and Artetetra for Milano by Morgan Sully, Nindya Nareswari e Rizki Resa Utama, as a part of Soydivision, Berlin-based Indonesian collective positioning itself in the intersection of art and activism through performances, workshops, culinary art activities, films, music, concerts, listening and discussion sessions.

Nindya Nareswari is a lighting designer and artist based in Berlin. Ranges from light objects and sculptures, light photography, to set and stage lighting design, and light art installations, she doesn’t limit her exploration with light. Her works have been exhibited internationally including at Berlin Fashion Week, Memphis Gardens in Melbourne, and National Gallery of Indonesia. Light, experience, and matters have always been the core keys in her works. She is passionate in experimentation with light and materials to study the properties and interaction between these mediums, creating a perceptual experience in her works.

Rizki Resa Utama, also known as OQ, is an artist based in Berlin & Bandung, works with the concept of moving image and language, uses commonly the medium of video, performance and installation. His artistic research deals with the complexity of cultural translation and the system of how differences are defined, represented and addressed to our collective consciousness. While practicing his artistic activities between Berlin & Bandung, he is currently attending the Artistic Research Ph.D. Program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, since 2018. His works were presented, among others, at Museum MACAN Jakarta, Berlinische Galerie Berlin, Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, Anthology Film Archives New York, and Singapore Biennale.

Il progetto è realizzato in collaborazione con Artetetra, Terraforma, giardino comunitario Lea Garofalo, spazio META, Rob de Matt.

giardini in transito 

Grazie a Cristina Caon, Lidia Casti, Franz Purpura, Rob de Matt, Benedetta Pomini, Spazio META, Guido Mozzanica, Giardini in Transito, Sara Castiglioni