• July 25th – Soy&Synth w/Sibéri, Balthazar Conrad, Memeshift, GHALIZ @ Sarisari
  • Apr. 28th – Memeshift @ Hör Radio (DJ set)
  • March 21st – +62 Tour 2020, presented by L_KW ^ Audial Plane: Messyfingers, Theo Nugraha, Jeritan, Sarana, and Robby Ocktavian x Dhuha Ramadhani @ Rumah Rawa, Samarinda, Borneo
  • March 13th – +62 Tour 2020, presented by L_KW ^ Audial Plane: Ravenative x Wildan Indra Sugara, Memeshift, Juan Arminandi, Dissa Kamanjaya, and GURU @ NuArt Sculpture Park, Bandung, Java
  • March 10th – +62 Tour 2020, presented by L_KW ^ Audial Plane: messyfingers, Firzio, Mahesa Almeida, Juan Arminandi and Ravenative @ Rubanah Underground Hub, Jakarta, Java
  • March 4th – +62 Tour 2020, presented by L_KW ^ Audial Plane: messyfingers, Kasimyn and Ravenative + special guest Evans Störn @ studio eksotika, Canggu, Bali
  • Feb. 18th – BIBIT, BEBET, BOBOT messyfingers w/LK__W @ Sari Sari
  • Jan. 31st – RECALIBRATION w/Soydivision, Nowhere Kitchen and un.tha.tled @ studio db
  • Jan. 26th – SonicSeasoning messyfingers w/ravenative @ top e.V.
  • Jan. 25th – Soy&Synth w/Soydivision @ Motif Wein
  • Jan. 19th – Marameo Dance Playground (solo)
  • Jan. 17th – CTM Vorspeil w/Soydivision @ Acud Mach Neu


  • Dec. 15th – Marameo Dance Playground (solo)
  • Dec. 7th – Soy&Synth messyfingers @ MotifWein
  • Oct. 25th – SONUS – THE SOUND WITHIN US @ Ballhaus Naunystrasse w/Pepe Dayawand meLê yamomo
  • Aug. 31st – Memeshift @ Nanometri Festival (interactive dance performance)
  • May 4th – PYjAMA: Space cookies 14 ♉ 10 as Kencur (Morgan Sully + Denis Altchul)


  • Oct. 8th – Memeshift @ Visions of A New World – San Francisco
  • Jan. 22nd – Memeshift at Run the Length of Your Wildness – San Francisco

In the past – as Memeshift – he has shared bills with J​ega​ (P​lanet Mu,​ Matador),​ ​Tom Burbank​ (Planet Mu),​​ El Poeta​(imputor?), Frikn’Frak (​Brokenbeat​,​ F​rikn’Frak​), Louis Haiman (T​ransmat​, fwdthought​,​ ​Fountain Music​), Disrupter (d​isruptermusic)​,​ ​Miguel Vega​ (A​ccentFeed​), and​ M​arcos Fernandes​ (Accretions, Trummerflora).

Morgan has also produced music for a variety of indoor/outdoor events, local documentaries, an independent film​ as well as recorded and produced an album with San Francisco-based shoegaze band, Skycamp.

Last year, he was invited to collaborate with performance artist and sound scholar​ m​eLê yamomo​ and performer​ P​epe Dayaw​ for​ S​ ONUS: the sound within us​ at Ballhaus Naunystrasse. This lecture performance explores the history of imperialism, post-colonial nationalism and the migration of Southeast Asian musicians rendered subaltern.