New Music from Friends – (IT and IE!)

A couple weeks ago a friend in Italy and a friend in Ireland sent me two different bands to have a listen to.

1) Ronin (IT)

It’s actually the band of Matteo Sideri who invited me to come play at Casa Della Grancetta last summer. Matteo not only invites awesome people to come play, but also plays amazing drums in Ronin’s newest release: Adagio Furioso.

I love the drums on Ravenna – the rolls and swing. Love the drop right around 1:09 Adagio Furioso I really like too. So good.

Don’t even get me started on Matteo’s side project experimenting with #techno – hopefully news on that comes at a later time;)


2) Leo Drezden (IE)

This was a band my friend Rory turned me on to. They are self-releasing their record this Friday and have been hibernating in various constellations for the past 10 years, sometimes under a pseudonym called Rocket Surgery.

They’ve been headlining with other house music and electronic acts in and around Ireland, playing roughly one gig a year only for most of their existence, sometimes at Knockanstockan Festival in Wicklow, Ireland.

Here’s the album.  If you like, go show some support and buy their album here.  Or download it free here.

If you’ve got some new tracks, send ’em on over to me! Would love to remix, DJ or share them!

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