Minilogue: On Being as Human as Possible

Well, here is my weekly Sunday writing. Today, I thought I’d share a great interview I watched with two of my favorite artists, Minilogue.

I actually watched and shared this on my Facebook page back in April, but thought it was worthy of a share again.

I love this interview, because they give such eloquent and serene expression to a lot of things I feel and think when I am ‘in the flow’ of music making. I think Minilogue are as much philosophers as they are musicians and for them, the experience of music making and setting a good ‘foundation’ to allow the hypnotic in music jamming happen is such good advice.

Aside from the totally dreamy natural surroundings of which their electronic music studio in Sweden lies, I like how the mini-documentary closes with a quote on freedom…

If you’re hanging out at home today, put this on. It’s great cleaning or home projects music with the windows open.

Also, I have two MIDI controllers for sale on ebay – click here to see them if you’re interested (or maybe you know someone?). They are making way for an Ableton Push which arrives later this week!

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