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So it’s been super hot here in Moscow these past couple weeks. We also had Congress ok gay marriage across all 50 States, the Confederate Flag taken down and Obamacare okayed. But than we also had the TPP pass which is questionable at best. And Greece today needs to vote on a referendum that some say will kick them out of the European Union.

If you are paying attention, the world seems to be changing so fast. I don’t know if I can stay as comfortable as I have been for much longer as the world and it’s challenges will probably call to me again.

Anyway, enough talk. New music time!

Music I Finished For Villa Tereze

Villa Tereze Empty Dinner Table
Last week, I finished and submitted my track for the wedding project I have been working on at Villa Tereze. I sent this over to Alessio (who I have yet to meet) and he’ll be assembling the footage to my piece. I’ll post this later, but in the meantime, here it is:

Download “Renate” here

I was going for a clandestine rendezvous for a perhaps illicit affair between two lovers in the forest. What do you think?

Is Dream Jungle Finished?

I also sent what I thought was a ready-to-be-mixed-and-mastered track to my friend Chris in Berlin. It’s taken a bit of back and forth as he too is tweaking and refining his mastering setup, so we might shelve this track for the time being and I’m going to keep sending him new material to tweak and play with. Should be interesting as working together affords us material to work with and of course fun gear to put through it’s paces:)

Download “Dream Jungle” here (warning, unfinished version).

Here’s one (of many versions) of Dream Jungle for the time being. I almost hesitate putting here, but I’m happy at least with the composition so far. Stay tuned for more experiments.

52 Minutes of LIVE Improvised Electronic Music

Korg Electribe EM1-X, Yamaha PSR-36, Allen & Heath ZED-10FX Mixer

Korg Electribe EM1-X, Yamaha PSR-36, Allen & Heath ZED-10FX Mixer

Finally, I got my Allen & Heath ZED 10FX up and connected and have started to test it with my drum machine. There are a few configurations I want to experiment with, particularly with using the Electribe. The Electribe can do cool stuff like send individual Parts out to one of 4 mono outputs on the back + the headphone jack. If I spend some time configuring it correctly, I can split up different parts across the ZED’s channels.

The other thing I have been doing with it is connecting it to my old Yamaha PSR-36 and using the Korg as a kind of live sequencer for it. The sounds on it are still kind of cheesy, even with effects and what not, but there are a few sounds that are nice. I might try the Korg with my Alesis Micron (aff link) – the synth I used which features prominently on my tracks Dirty Bass, Mini Classic and Where Did That Come From? – but this will have to wait until I get it repaired.

In the meantime, here’s the live mix of my jam, broken down into roughly 3 parts:

Live, Improvised Jam – Korg Electribe EM1-X, Yamaha PSR-36, Allen & Heath ZED-10FX Mixer by Memeshift on Mixcloud

I was very happy with the parts right around 8:07, but broke the mix down into roughly 3 chapters.  Some parts meander a bit (because I’m configuring some settings and there are definitely a few fuckups, but hopefully it’s an enjoyable exploration with me).

Please share if you like it!

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