Life is good.

Life is good.  Blossoming.

After a wonderful trip to Rotterdam for the DEAF Festival last week – days filled with troubleshooting technology, filming people and learning a lot about live video production – it is spring here in beautiful Nijmegen.  I am still reflecting on my time and what’s ahead…


The off hours of my DEAF time in Rotterdam were fantastic.  Waking up in a house among soldering kits, beer, a recording studio, Spaniards, Italians, Dutchies, data maps, jars screwed to walls, soldering irons, an artist gallery and studio or two, broken showers and a friendly dog.  Watching thunder and lighting on a beautiful back garden porch after a bike ride back at dawn with a new friend…

After seeing Philip Beesley speak at DEAF, Dutch Electronic Art Festival I can say… What a beautiful mind. His presentation was a beautifully sincere and unapologetic call for inquiry into the sublime and beautiful, a questioning of the ‘divisions’ we draw between the organelles of our relations to materials, people and processes, a moving towards something closer, yet simultaneously expansive out towards one another, an extimacy…

In other news, my good friend got published on CDM!  I’ve read that blog for so long and they ALWAYS have the latest in electronic music making, techniques and utter, beautiful geekery.

Next stop, Berlin.  Where shall I go?

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