Latent Sonorities

Latent Sonorities invites international and Berlin-based trans-Asian artists to create works bridging traditional Indonesian instrumentation and tuning systems with contemporary electronic music production techniques.

Thanks to cooperation with Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen – Rumah Budaya Indonesia – (RBI), select instruments from their Javanese gamelan ensemble will be sampled to create Berlin’s first publicly accessible sonic archive of Indonesian instruments and temperaments for electronic musicians.

This dynamic sonic archive will provoke and stimulate public discourse around the complexities and nuances of trans-Asian identity, musical rematriation, and its political expression through non-Western temperament and tonality.

Following the creation of a gamelan sample pack and tuning files, a short residency, open studio and final performance series of new work will be produced in collaboration with Morphine Raum.
A sample pack, tuning files and user guide of Javanese gamelan for experimental, electronic musicians.

This sample pack – consisting of audio samples, tuning files, and a booklet with cultural information on the instruments and a user’s guide – will be made free and publicly accessible online via Berlin label L-KW and inaugurated into the library of RBI.

The sample pack will also be accompanied by a digital album of the concert recordings from artists commissioned to create new improvised works using the newly created archive.

Latent Sonorities aims to create a blueprint for developing transcultural tools that rematriate musical knowledge. Through careful and transparent curation, collaboration, and documentation, the project aims to build a solid foundation for further collaborations with local and international artists, researchers, labels, and public institutions.

Learn more about the project and download the album and sample pack here.