Kiamat is a multisensory music theater project initiated by Soydivision Kollektiv and L_KW,  directed and co-produced by Rabih Beaini from Morphine Records. The recent album of the Indonesian experimental music duo, Senyawa, inspires the piece. Kiamat (Day of Judgement), one of the compositions in the album Alkisah, becomes the central theme of this piece.

Concept: Ariel Orah & Rabih Beaini
Direction: Rabih Beaini
Audio technician: Alfie
Soydivision Ensemble v_kiamat
: Bilawa Respati, Pia Achternkamp, Maximilian Kupi, Morgan Sully, Umi Maisaroh, Ariel Orah
Light: Thais Nepomuceno Veiga
Illustration: Ariel Victor

Produced by: Soydivision Collective & Rabih Beaini
Organized by: L_KW & Soydivision
Funded by: Musikfonds e.V.
Supported by: Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen – Rumah Budaya Indonesia – Berlin

Neraka Nirwana Soy&Zine Special
Editor: Yusuf Alhazar & Umi Maisaroh
Illustration & Zine design: Ariel Victor

KIAMAT is an interpretation of SENYAWA‘s album „Alkisah“.

Project website here.