In the Netherlands

I now find myself in the beautiful city of Nijmegen, Netherlands staying with a good friend.

I’ve been mediating on a few things, somewhat related to music:

  • what it is to be honorable.
  • what it is to ‘spend time’ with something.


So far, I think ‘honorable’ is a daily practice.  Like a mediation on one’s condition and relation to those around you.  Your obligation to self and family and friends.  Pretty easy to understand.  Difficult to push forth in daily life.  But good.  And a good practice.

The other thing is ‘spending time’ with something.  My father once said that he’d rather spend time hand-sanding a piece of wood, as opposed to using a power tool to sand it (which would accomplish the task much quicker).  The idea, is that you can come to understand and be one with what you are working on perfecting.

Honor might be my piece of wood.

Aside from that, please enjoy this track from Machino.  A techno artist from San Diego.  I love the intro with the rain and water.  It sets a really serious and reflective tone to the music along with the pads…and then this kick comes in.  Be sure to listen for the Leslie Nielsen sample (also used in Boards of Canada’s Dandelion).



Machino – plantae (original mix) by machino

Stay tuned for more music.

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