Djing in Digital Environments in 2008

Richie Hawtin 2008 DJ Setup

Found on Richie Hawtins MySpace Blog. I put all of the video parts together. Thanks to Richie and Minus.

I totally dig this video and the things that Richie Hawtin is talking about. I’ve kind’ve come to the same conclusion about ‘djing’ with computers – when I ‘dj’ with my laptop, I’m really letting Ableton do all of the beatmatching for me, thus freeing me up to concentrate and perform with all of the filters, stutters and effects I turn off and on, up and down rhythmically/musically. I was happy to see that the end result of Hawtin’s sounds aren’t that much different than mine as he’s been pretty seminal in putting contemporary techno music to the forefront of electronic music subcultures.

I think that electronic music ‘live djs’ will more and more be djing with loops as opposed to whole tracks – I don’t know if the hyper-real pace of techno music has an attention span for much else past that. I’ve already started simply trading loops with friends because we’re so in to simple loops and building with those (if we aren’t building them ourselves).

But then again, isn’t all music simply loops or returns to a theme?

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