DJ Mix: Visceral Mini mix, February 2009

BART_macarthur_oaklandThis is a new dj mix I recently completed on behalf of an electronic music collective I’m forming with my buddies Aaron and Monk.  We aim to support and promote local, East Bay Area (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, etc.) electronic music communities by:

  • producing electronic music events
  • marketing and promoting local electronic music artists
  • connecting these audiences and artists to each other
  • providing music, customers and revenue to local businesses

After having an awesome meeting on Monday (stay tuned for results of that meeting), some next steps for us were to each make a 15 minute ‘mini’ dj mix to contribute to a ‘dj sampler’ of sorts to shop around to local venues.

This is my mix, which I hope to be the first mix of many featuring local electronic musicians and djs.  If you are interested in participating in our collective (we currently need connectors, promoters and a small donation to help us start a meetup), contact me!



  1. Volve – Original Mix / Gaiser
  2. Creature Of Perfectional Rationality – Original mix / Obtane
  3. Midnight Express – Shin Nishimura Remix / Hans Bouffmyhre
  4. Mr Dry – Original Mix / TG (Tim Green)
  5. Heka Dark Side – Original Mix / Danilo Vigorito
  6. Community 2007 – Peace Division Basic Dub / Audio Soul Project
  7. We Want You – Original Mix / Peace Division
  8. The Anger – Original Mix / Stimming
  9. Elud – DJ Sodeyama Remix / Shin Nishimura
  10. Parallelism – Original Mix / Medu
  11. Community 2007 – Peace Division Remix / Audio Soul Project
  12. What Is Control? – Adultnapper’s What’s the Point Remix / Alexi Delano
  13. Billy Says Go – Original Mix / Audion
  14. I Feel Speed – Audion Remix / Dubfire


4 responses for DJ Mix: Visceral Mini mix, February 2009

  1. JB says:

    Clean, concise, and a good progression! Made me sad when it was done. Nice job!

  2. jqlosangeles says:

    i cant begin to tell you how much i love this little mix……

  3. Morgan Sully says:

    Hey Cheers!

    How did you find my mix? I'm always curious how people find things online!

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