Latent Sonorities

A project in cooperation with Ruma Budaya Indonesia and Morphine Raum to develop an open-source Javanese gamelan sample pack, tuning files, and album with 6 trans-Asian artists.

Soy&Synth 2022

A collaboration between L-KW, Soydivison and Midnight Shift of live, improvised experimental music from southeast Asian and south American diaspora artists.


KIAMAT was a multisensory music theater project based on a retelling of ALKISAH, the album L-KW co-released with Senyawa.


Embarking from the idea of body as recorder/archive, Soydivision and STANDARDS co-facilitated an itinerary of conversations between two days to develop a collective work by and with the public.


An album co-released with over 40 other labels with Indonesian folk doom metal band Senyawa.