DJ Mix: Café Mix Rendered

This was a mix I put together 30 minutes before an audition for a weekly gig at a coffee shop in Encinitas, California. It was completely improvised in one pass, exported and played on head phones for the café manager.

She liked what I selected and I got the gig that day.

For the next few months, I’d come in every Sunday afternoon to dj mellow music for old hippies, sun-tanned surfers, high school kids, families and gradparents, yoga teachers and just about any other local that would come in for a comfy couch and decent coffee.

This piece also gave me my start performing in and around San Diego, as it was from this café that i found a place to practice my craft with no stress and an eventual invitation to come and play at San Diego’s KAVA LOUNGE.

This is a meaningful mix for me of some of my favorite artist that typified the weekly.

Big ups to:

  • Kristie at KAVA LOUNGE: for hosting me and many other cool events at Kava (
  • Marsha (many late nights sweeping and dancing E Street as we closed up for the day!)
  • Krystina Grammatique: for providing and encouraging many great tracks
  • Katie Rast: luuuuuv (and countless adventures and geek sessions)


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