Morgan (he/him) is a Berlin-based sound artist, musician and DJ with American/Indonesian ancestry and diasporic tendencies.

Hybridity, class, race, code-switching and the choreographies created or imposed by these are a primary research interest for Morgan.  Much of Morgan’s practice lies in searching out and harmonizing resonances between differences through public interventions involving sound and music.

Morgan’s musicological interests include ballads, spirituals and other roots Americana as well as FM synthesis, gamelan and site specific sound composition. Morgan has taught and produced music and sound for a variety of situations and contexts including, community documentaries, independent films, media centers, festivals and interactive dance performances in Australia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

Morgan most recently collaborated with Rabih Beaini and Soydivision for a musical staging of KIAMAT, inspired by Senyawa’s Alkisah, which they also co-released with over 40 other record labels.

Morgan also performs as Memeshift, coaxing danceable musical forms from common grooveboxes, old laptops, drum machines, Ableton Live and off-the-shelf synthesizers.  Morgan’s other projects include .obat. which emits resonant drones for attentive listening and messyfingers which complexifies and performs site-specific electroacoustic music inspired by gamelan percussions.

Currently, Morgan manages daily label operations for L-KW and most recently formed Alkisah Trio to channel darker and heavier grooves for adventurous ears while developing musical theater works with performing art collective, Soydivision.