Photo: Yusuf Alazhar

Morgan (he/him) is an American-borne, Berlin-based sound artist, electronic musician, and DJ with southeast Asian ancestry and diasporic tendencies.  Departing from organizing punk and noise shows to become steeped in house, techno, and breaks under the desert skies of southern California, his recent sonic homings invoke the music(s) of his matrilineal roots from Borneo and Java.

While not overtly political, much of Morgan’s work seeks overlaps between musical diasporas to celebrate and support each other.

Morgan currently plays modular, groove-oriented polymetric rhythms and microtonal interference inspired by Balinese gamelan.  Evolving, hand-programmed percussion sequences, are infused with drone-like FM and wavefolding techniques recollecting non-western musical intervals traversing chord and texture.

Morgan also co-manages label operations for L-KW, hosts a monthly radio show on Refuge Worldwide, and co-curates Soy&Synth with performing art collective, Soydivision.

Kiamat Rehearsal, Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen
Photo: Yusuf Alazhar

With Soydivision, Morgan collaborated with Rabih Beaini from Morphine Records for a musical staging of KIAMAT, inspired by Senyawa’s Alkisah, which they also co-released with over 40 other record labels.

Most recently, L-KW, Soydivision, and Midnight Shift collaborated on a 3-part improvised music series featuring artists from southeast Asian and south American diasporas.

A co-release of the recordings is set for mid-December 2022.

Soy&synth, Kantine am Berghain October 28th 2022 w/ Marcioz
Photo: Asarela Dewi

Morgan’s musicological interests include ballads, spirituals, and other roots Americana as well as FM synthesis, gamelan, and site-specific sound composition.

Morgan has taught and produced music and sound for a variety of community documentaries, independent films, media centers, festivals, and interactive dance performances in Australia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

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