Berlin, Berghain and a Morning Walk Through the Mauerpark

“Are you gay?”

I laughed.

“Umm. No.”

“Oh. Because you’re good looking.”


15 minutes later I had climbed into the hostel bed of my new Hungarian friend. Her parents had been murdered when she was young and she’d been an orphan since. She was now traveling through Europe as she realized that a degree in marketing was really not for her.

We kissed for a little bit, before I left into the Berlin night to look for a more long-term, safe and comfortable living situation – and one with a little *less* distraction.


Berlin has been fantastic. I almost wish I had come here sooner. A new (temporary) housemate I met on Air B&B, an invitation to stay on a boat, and an eccentric and entertaining and lovely stylist who confided in me that I ‘feel European’ have been part of my experience for far.


Berghain: A Temple of Techno

A highlight for me in the few days I’ve been here was my visit to Berghain.  This place is like a temple of techno.

As there is  strict policy on taking photos inside, I searched for what I could on the internet to give some kind of feel to the experience of going.

The desolate exterior of Berghain. It is in an industrial area and difficult to find for the uninitiated.

Berghain \ Panorama Bar Berlin

Once inside, you are greeted by an imposing industrial cavern – with throbbing, pounding techno echoing from above.

Berghain Berlin

Your eyes will still be getting adjusted to the light as you make your way up the stairs.

Here’s what it looks like with no people. AMAZING sound system. LOUD.

Tenori-on in Berghain

…and here’s what it looks like with the throngs of people. This is just the 2nd storey.

This really is a temple of techno.

I arrived by myself at 1:30am and it was not until 5am that I got in.  Waiting is half the experience (well ok, maybe less), but it was really nice waiting in line – vendors selling beer, wine and Jagermiester, 5 or 6 different languages being heard all around – and nearly 24 hours of straight techno and house emanating from the towering and imposing converted power station that everyone is waiting to get in to.

The top acts don’t even start until 3:30am…

The programme for the night I attended. I got in at five, but luckily, caught Extrawelt’s last two songs extended!

I will not share everything that transpired during the few hours that I was inside Berghain…

A Morning Walk Through the Mauerpark

After emerging from Berghain at around 8:30 in the morning, the sun had already started to warm the waking city of Berlin.  I rode the rickety bike my kind host had leant me back across the quiet city towards the Mauerpark.  It’s a really fantastic park close to where I am staying and on Sundays, they have a great flea market with SO much to take in and enjoy – used furniture and bikes, delicious and cheap food, AMAZING clothing and street musicians playing accordions.

Berlin Mauerpark




Exhausted from the night of dancing, I drifted towards the closest food stall, enjoyed a delicious breaded pastry with meat and spinach along with a salted yogurt drink while watching a strange man in all black with 12-inch long blue fingernails on one hand (all curled up from their grotesque growth) examine every inch of a concrete seating area – slowly – while I finished my breakfast.  True story.  He looked like a creepy ghost.  I ignored him as he walked slowly and silently around me.

Got home.  Slept until 3:30.  Worked on some music (stay tuned)…

Oh.  And you can drink beer in public, legally here in Berlin.  Excellent.

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    Große Post, machen Sie mir das Gefühl, es mit dir bin! Ja, ich kann bezeugen, dass du mir das Gefühl, Europäer, auch, zumindest in bestimmten Teilen.

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