A photo of a gathering of artist from the project in Chemnitz, Germany

On February 21st, 2021 L_KW and Soydivision joined a global group of 44+ record labels to co-release Indonesian experimental duo Senyawa’s new album, Alkisah.  Paying homage to the vast archipelago of traditional musics from Indonesia and fusing it with uncompromising experimental improvisation, Alkisah galvanizes the efforts of smaller collectives and labels to decentralize the distribution and release of the album.

The project was written about in the New York Times, Pitchfork, The Quietus, Create Digital Music and countless other publications internationally.  The album co-release culminated in a 48-hour, decentralized online festival featuring music, video, and artwork from the over 45 collectives and hundreds of artists involved.

The story of Alkisah itself, – roughly translated to ‘once upon a time’ – tells the tale of a once proud kingdom collapsing in on itself.  Rampant abuses of power, the corruption of human character, and the decaying of our planet have all brought about our final Judgement Day – Kiamat.

What happens now that the apocalypse has arrived?

Album Release

 Soydivision & L-KW Special Edition SENYAWA VINYL SET w/ SAMBAL + JAMU

Soydivision and L_KW partnered to release a special edition vinyl album, bundled with Aliksah-themed sambal and jamu from Berlin, Germany.  Working with Rabih Beani (from Morphine Records) on distribution and PUSHSTANDART to develop the packaging, the cover is made from 100% recycled and biodegradable carton and each sleeve has been silkscreen-printed by hand using color paste made from Indonesian ingredients of turmeric, rice meal and kecap manis.


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