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Photo: Yusuf Alazhar

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Morgan is an organizer and experimental electronic musician who draws creative strength from his cultural heritage and the vast diasporas of his fellow kin.

Along with Bilawa Ade Respati, Rabih Beaini, and Khyam Allami, he developed an open-source sample pack of Javanese gamelan instruments, their MIDI tunings, guides, and tools for artists curious about Southeast Asian tonality called Latent Sonorities.

In cooperation with Rumah Budaya Indonesia – Berlin (RBI) and Morphine Raum, the project was co-released with live album recordings on his label L-KW and Yogyakarta’s Yes No Wave and made available for free download for other artists and researchers working to expand our sonic imaginaries.  The project will soon be inaugurated as a free, public resource into RBI’s library collection.

Morgan’s debut release Echoes is forthcoming on Chinabot in April of 2024.


Long Bio

Born in California, but raised working-class between Borneo and Hawaii, Morgan is an organizer and experimental electronic musician who draws creative strength from his cultural heritage and the vast diasporas of his fellow kin.

Departing from the interconnected punk, noise, and rave scenes of southern California of the late 90s, his recent sonic homings invoke the music of his matrilineal roots from what is now called Borneo, Java, and the Philippines.

This history finds its gestural articulation in performances that traverse chord and texture, recollecting more nuanced musical intervals and atypical rhythms evocative of worlds more kind, magical, and playful.

From Camp Cosmic: Cosmic Gathering Alkisah Meetup – Chemnitz, DE

While not overtly political, much of Morgan’s work seeks overlaps between musical diasporas to celebrate and learn from each other.

Morgan currently plays modular, groove-oriented polymetric rhythms and microtonal interference inspired by Balinese, Sundanese, and Javanese gamelan.  Evolving, hand-programmed percussion sequences, are infused with drone-like FM and wavefolding techniques, drawing inspiration from pelog and slendro laras as much as from the delicate unfolding sound spaces of Élian Radigue.

Morgan also co-manages label operations for L-KW, hosts a rarely monthly radio show on Refuge Worldwide, and co-curates Soy&Synth with performing art collective, Soydivision.

Kiamat Rehearsal, Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen
Photo: Yusuf Alazhar

With Soydivision, Morgan collaborated with Rabih Beaini from Morphine Records for a musical staging of KIAMAT, inspired by Senyawa’s Alkisah, which they also co-released with over 40 other record labels.  In this same year, he collaborated with the band to produce Pasar Alkisah, a 2-day online audio/video festival featuring remixes, TV shows, and audio submitted by artists from all 44 participating labels.

Photo: Yusuf Alazhar ❤️

Most recently, L-KW, Soydivision, and Midnight Shift collaborated on a 3-part improvised music series featuring artists from southeast Asian and south American diasporas.

Morgan is currently developing an open-source sample pack of local Javanese gamelan instruments, tunings, guides and tools for electronic musicians working with southeast Asian tonality.

A live album has now been released with Yogyakarta’s Yes No Wave and a compilation of artists working with the material from across southeast Asian traditions and scenes is to follow.

Soy&synth, Kantine am Berghain October 28th 2022 w/ Marcioz
Photo: Asarela Dewi ❤️

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