DJ Mix: Café Mix Rendered

This was a mix I put together 30 minutes before an audition for a weekly gig at a coffee shop in Encinitas,

Track: Default

This was a track I made shortly after seeing Chris Clark. I really liked his dense, gritty textures found

Track: Boer (Memeshift Oz mix)

New remix from an old track, Boer.  I made it in 2004.  Wow.  5 years ago.  If you like, you can

Track: Cleedy

Short track I worked on this week.  Just a demo – raw and unfinished.   I was inspired by a sweet dj

Track: Phosy

New track I just finished. I used Reaktor, Ableton and VST called TALBassline, a Roland SH-101 emulator. 

DJ Mix: Kira mix, February 2009

  Mix I made while waiting. I was anxious to get the party started – I mean, c’mon, Loco Dice’s

DJ Mix: Visceral Mini mix, February 2009

This is a new dj mix I recently completed on behalf of an electronic music collective I’m forming with

Track: All Good – Memeshift mix

This was a track I remixed off of my good friend Louis’s Dubulator project. This particular brand of

Track: Chud

This was a track I made after seeing Plaid play in San Francisco a few years ago.  It’s an oldie, but