Morgan Sully - Memeshift

Short bio:
Oakland-based independent electronic music performer and DJ working between communities online and off. Citizen of Planet Earth.

Long bio:
Memeshift is the musical moniker of electronic music performer/DJ Morgan Sully.  From illegal outdoor parties in forests, deserts and warehouses to cafes, galleries and nightclubs throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany and Italy Morgan has DJed and performed original electronic music in venues throughout 3 continents so far. While Morgan’s sonic palette spans IDM, dub and acid, the stylings of his sets tend to gravitate to the 4/4 measures and suggestions of techno.

Live @ Brokenbeat with Disruptor – San Diego, CA 2012 (photo by Miguel Vega)

Morgan coaxes new musical forms from common grooveboxes, old laptops, drum machines, Ableton Live and off-the-shelf synthesizers. Morgan plays with the release of this tension by infusing dancefloors with dissonant, atonal textures which resolve to simple, harmonic melodies only to suddenly collapse back in on themselves as his sets continue past peaktime and dwindle into the ambiance of early morning sunrises.

Live @ Alena Museum, Oakland 2015 (photo by Natalie Shrik)

Morgan has played alongside artists like Jega (Planet Mu, Matador), Tom Burbank (Planet Mu), El Poeta (imputor?), Frik n’ Frak (Brokenbeat, Frik n’ Frak), Louis Haiman (Transmat, fwdthought, Fountain Music), Disrupter (disruptermusic), Miguel Vega (AccentFeed), and Marcos Fernandes (Accretions, Trummerflora). Morgan has also produced music for a variety of indoor/outdoor events, local documentaries, an independent film as well as recorded and produced an album with San Francisco-based shoegaze band, Skycamp.

Live @ Casa della Grancetta – Italy, 2014

All Morgan’s work is informed by the restless search for harmonizing new forms of expression from the many, connected enclaves occupying our planet.

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