“Music really flys alongside that river of life that flows through all of us.

At its best, music allows us to see and feel this flow.  At it’s worst, it becomes a commodity like any other endangered species.

Through DJing and music making, I seek to keep myself – and those that listen and dance –  connected to this grand river.”


Memeshift is the musical moniker of ShareSD co-founder Morgan Sully. From illegal outdoor parties in forests, deserts and warehouses to cafes, galleries and nightclubs throughout Western North America, Morgan has dj’ed and performed original electronic music in venues throughout California.

Bridging IDM and minimal tech house with dubby shoegaze, Memeshift thrives on developing a diverse repertoire of original and DJ’ed electronic dance music.

Morgan has played alongside artists like Jega (Planet Mu, Matador), Tom Burbank (Planet Mu), El Poeta (imputor?), Frik n’ Frak (Brokenbeat, Frik n’ Frak), Louis Haiman (Transmat, fwdthought, Fountain Music), Disrupter (disruptermusic), Miguel Vega (AccentFeed), and Marcos Fernandes (Accretions, Trummerflora). Morgan has also produced music for a variety of indoor/outdoor events, local documentaries, an independent film as well as recorded and produced an album with San Francisco-based shoegaze band, Skycamp.

Original electronic music, mixes and thoughts by Morgan Sully + others